Money Back Guarantee

When using the assistance of our company you can have every confidence in its quality level as every single customer is very important for us. One of our essential rules is to be honest with the purchasers, so we want to inform you more about our money-back guarantee section in particular. Providing people with more details about things like this is what can help ensure comfortable work and less trouble.

Owing to our company’s consistency and solid reputation, our clients require a refund really rarely. Free revision option can also be found as one of the services we provide, which seriously helps us find an approach to every client.

Trying to receive a refund, it is best to make certain that your case fits the description of the circumstances presented down below. You should take notice of the fact that based on the specifics of your order the refund could be full or partial.

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    Once you learn that you accidentally placed two identical orders instead of one, get in touch with our consumer support – it’ll help you return the money for the duplicate one. We should underscore that you do not have the opportunity to return the whole sum if we’ve already found the writer and began working on of your paper; thus, it is better for you to place the order mindfully and doublecheck its every last line.
  2. Calling the order off before the writer is found
    No in-depth clarification is needed in such a case. You can definitely return the whole sum, having called off your order before it is assigned to our expert.
  3. Lack of free writers
    While constantly working on our professional team improvement, we still occasionally face a situation when all our highly qualified experts are busy with tasks; when this happens, and we do not have anyone available, all the money you spent will be refunded.
  4. If you ordered once but paid twice
    We are very meticulous with all the deals, but sometimes even this type of mistakes can be accidentally made. Having been charged twice for one order, do not worry – notify us about it immediately. In such cases, the receipts would be the most crucial requirement to getting a refund.

Partial refund

This type of a refund can be approved when your situation is found corresponding to one of those explained below:

  1. Delayed delivery
    Unfortunately, even working responsibly there are some circumstances we cannot influence. We negotiate the refund amount individually with each purchaser since it is influenced by several factors. In some cases, issues with the timeliness of the order can be a consequence of the customer’s actions or non-actions. For instance, in some cases the author does not receive all the crucial materials from the client, considering that they are vital to process the order the right way. We think that in such a case, the unavailability of the money-back option is justified. Having placed your order, ensure that you’ve sent us all the essential materials and documents which can be helpful or very important for your assignment.
  2. You decide that you don’t need our help, but the writer has begun working on your order.
    Given that we have to cover our writer’s work, you can be given a refund of about 70%. Be sure you call off your order when there’s over fifty percent of the settled time left to the due date. Otherwise, you’ll get only a 50% of the paid amount back.
  3. Complaints after receiving a completed order
    If you aren’t content with the result, we can offer you a possibility for your claims to be analyzed. If your complaint is found justifiable enough, you’ll be given a refund. We are always open for any clients’ feedback regarding our services because it helps us develop and provide you only with top-quality custom works.
  4. Rare cases of plagiarized works
    Our main objective when focusing on your tasks is to use only relevant and trustworthy information that is unique and interesting. However, if you give us some proof that your work turned out to be plagiarized, we will investigate your case and (depending on the results) we will offer you a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. If the mark you’ve got for the paper created by our service is not as good as you have expected it to be.
    We always try to do our best, but we simply cannot ensure that the greatest mark because it often depends on your professor’s or teacher’s discretion.
  2. You ordered formatting, proofreading or editing
    When you request our company to format, edit or proofread your own work, its content is left untouched For this reason we do not take any liability for complaints regarding its content.

Money-back process

Once you request a refund and it is validated, you’ll get your money back not later than 5 business days following the verification itself. It is important for us to emphasize that we do not pertain to any difficulties caused by any other companies (banks etc.).

We offer our clients the money-back option only in cases when its sum is larger than 10 USD; if not, it’s just impossible on account of fees required for the money transfer. You can also receive this amount on your personal account for potential orders.